Awarded Meals By Startwell

Healthy Nutritious Diet
Sample Menu

Freshly prepared lunch/tea meals are provided by our qualified chef, ensuring that children have a healthy balanced diet. Meals are carefully planned to be nutritious and varied and are reviewed regularly to encourage children to try new tastes and textures. All food served is HMC Halal. Should your child have any other dietary requirement, we will also cater for these needs.

We work in partnership with Startwell Birmingham and are currently completing our level 3 Award with the Startwell Programme.

The programme is based around 7 key messages to help us create a healthier environment for our children and their families. The programme not only encourages healthy eating choices, but encourages physical activity, oral health and portion sizes all to be taken in to consideration to create an overall healthy well-being. We hold regular workshops with members of the Startwell Team, who come in and interact with the children to actively promote being healthy via teeth brushing activities and physical play ideas.

Fresh fruit, milk and water are offered at snack time, mealtimes and throughout the day. As the children become more independent, they are encouraged to help themselves from our snack areas.

We have a 4 week menu which is displayed at reception for parents to see at any time. When menus are reviewed, we also take into consideration parent’s and children’s preferences. Children are also assisted with cooking activities and preparation for some of the menu items to give them their own involvement with food choices such as sandwich fillings, pizza toppings and baked potato fillings.