Tiny / Teeny Learners

0 months - 24 months
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The staff in the Tiny Learners will follow your baby’s home routine as closely as possible.

Tiny  & Teeny Learners

(0 Months –  23 Months)       

At our Washwood Heath site, we have 2 separate rooms to cater for this age group. Our baby room, Tiny Learners, provides a stimulating yet soothing environment for our youngest friends, up to the age of 12 months, to engage their early senses with.  We understand it can be difficult to leave your child for the first time therefore we aim to follow your baby’s routine as closely as possible to ensure a smooth transition when they first join us.  Once our babies are ready and confident, they will move to the next room until they turn 2, Teeny Learners, where their learning and development will continue to progress with new and exciting forms of play. You will be sure to see your child’s personality evolve as they begin to gain independence.

We follow the same ethics at our Alum Rock branch, in an open plan room which is sectioned to allow babies and young children to safely engage and interact with carefully planned activities. You will be given daily feedback to keep you up to date with how your child has been throughout the day along with any messages or reminders.