(3 years - 5 years)

Happy and Big Learners, are dedicated to our pre-school aged children

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About Room

Our first floor rooms, Happy Learners and Big Learners, are dedicated to our pre-school aged children, where we actively promote all areas of development according to the early years foundation stage (EYFS).

Our large, spacious rooms are used for variaty of different activities and role play oppurtunities for the children. All resoures are child accessible, ensuring that all children are making choices as well as their interests being valued and enthusiatically promoted.

The activities to aid your childs development vary from sensory play, mathematical games, story telling, cooking, arts & crafts, drama and role play. Both rooms are set out in a way, which allow children to decide what they want to play with. Children’s choice play’s a major role in the pre-school routine and decisions are discussed with the children to gain their input to create rules for their rooms.


Pre school years are about growth, gaining intellect and becoming more social and emotionally aware in order to tackle taskes on their own. We challenge children to learn new skills. Encouragement is key to your child for independence!

Set for success

Our Pre-school room is organised as a school classroom with the right structure to support their learning and growth for their future success.

Educational learning

Pre-schoolers are at an age where they are getting ready for school. Pre-school staff ensure that all learning has a purpose towards the children’s future goals and achievements.


We prepare the children for success by the allowing them to be able to easily transition to school with the correct skills and education they need. we ensure that they are prepared for the next steps of their life journey.

Come Visit Us

Laugh n Learn invite you to come and visit us. We are open from Monday to Friday. If you would like to see the setting at either branch do not hesitate to call and book a visit for you and your child.