(28 months - 3 years)

Our spacious Little Learners room caters for children ready to move out from Teeny Learner.

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About Room

Our spacious Little Learners room caters for children ready to move on from out Teeny Learner room, until they are aged 3 years. This bright and beautifully arranged room has immediate access to the garden area, encouraging ‘free flow’ play oppertunities. There is plenty of space for all types of activities.

The little learners staff will work with your child in order to prepare them for pre-school and also help them to a make a smooth transition.

Start of Independence

Toddlers are at a crucial stage where they start to look for independence. They become to gain character and personality. We ensure that the toddlers are able to follow simple instructions and begin to do certain tasks by themselves or with little adult support. 

Toilet Training

Learning to use the toilet is a very important milestone. We encourage toddlers to gain their independence and potty training is a very good way to start.

Introduction to Education

 As well as gaining independence, toddlers minds are growing fast. Therefore, we encourage them to start education for their future success. We start introducing them to phonics and simple mathematical tasks.

Being Imaginative

Education is all about learning through fun. Toddlers are creative and imaginative beings who thrive for success through their minds and ability. We encourage them to be actively involved with role play and creativity. 

Come Visit Us

Laugh n Learn invite you to come and visit us. We are open from Monday to Friday. If you would like to see the setting at either branch do not hesitate to call and book a visit for you and your child.